emotion damage(华为emotion ui)




Ann Cavoukian, a privacy expert who runs the Privacy by Design Center of Excellence praises the app’s creators for these protective measures. She cautions, however, that when people choose to share their personal information with the app, they should know that “there may be unintended consequences down the road with that information being used in another context that might come back to bite you.”

50. at any moment 随时


在专门的EMUI10 UX沟通会上,华为消费者BG软件部副总裁毛玉敏介绍称,EMUI10中的图标做了重新设计,元素的形状轮廓都按照黄金比例整理,实现整体上的统一和谐。


420. thanks to 由于,幸亏

161 be about to do, be going to (do)

在日常操作时,鸿蒙操作系统保持了华为一贯的轻快、流畅的风格。Android 上的常用应用,放到鸿蒙操作系统上也同样能使用。

40. According to the last two paragraphs, .


About half of Chinese adults sleep less than eight hours every night, a new report said on Friday.

A. It may put people’s privacy at risk.

OldTom had foursons. He wanted them 1 (learn) not to judge things too quickly. So hesent them tolook at an apple tree in different seasons. The first son went in winter, the second in spring, the third insummer, and the youngest in autumn. When they all came back, he called them togetherto describe 2 they had seen. The sons had different 3 (opinion).Tom then toldthem that they shouldn’t judge a tree, or a person, by only oneseason.


100.doubtful adj 可疑的;令人生疑的;疑心的;不能确定的

A. Modest and friendly. B. Devoted and persevering.


360. pay in cash/pay cash 付现金

点开超级终端,它会自动搜索你身边的华为智能设备,这些设备以气泡的形式出现在屏幕上。例如想要连接 Sound 音响,气泡一碰,音频就能连接上,分开即可断连。抹去了不同设备连接时的磕磕绊绊,用起来确实很方便。




My first reaction was to 11who was being asked such an odd question. Then I remembered there were only two of us in the room. When I turned 12, the other woman was looking straightat me.



30. A. solution B. message C. approach D. answer